7 Reasons to Put Your Real Estate Investments in Columbia SC

7 Reasons to Put Your Real Estate Investments in Columbia SC

It's not uncommon to hear a home sold to owners who have never been on the property.

In fact, it's becoming the norm in Columbia, SC. Due to a variety of factors, real estate has become a hot commodity in this southern city.

The continued growth in real estate investments is just one reason why you should have Columbia on your property management. Read on to learn about 7 more reasons why you should put your assets into the Columbia property market. 

More Renters and Less Owners

Less than half of Columbia residents own their homes. When compared to other cities, renting is more affordable here.

Many residents may dream of owning a home in the future. Yet strong market competition and increasing housing prices mean that most will continue to rent.

Renter Segment Variety

Not only do most Columbians rent, but there is also variety in the types of renters within the city. 

The National Guard and Fort Jackson Army Base brings in military personnel. The University of South Carolina, among many other universities, attracts a student body of renters. The growth of startups in Columbia ensures that post-graduates stay in the city after graduation.

This renter segmentation is reflected in the unique properties cropping up around town.

Strong Job Market

Columbia's strong job market means more college graduates are flocking to the city to start their careers.

The number of residents who hold a college degree continues to grow. Rising industries like healthcare, technology, and green energy production, are creating roles for degree holders to fill. 

Real Estate Investments on the Rise

Comparatively low taxes and great cost of living mean that real estate is booming in Columbia.

While most buyers flock to the suburban neighborhoods, metro Columbia is growing with renters working in and around the city.

Southern Comfort in an Urban Setting

Low cost of living, nature, parks, entertainment, and affordability. These are just some of the many reasons why Columbia is becoming the next great American city. It continues to rate high in quality of life polls, which leads us to the following:

A Growing Population

People are noticing the opportunities in Columbia and they want to live here. The population continues to grow.

If there was ever a time to invest in real estate here, it's now. 

Demand Outpacing Supply

Given the population growth and increase in renters wanting to own, there are simply not enough houses on the market to sell. This has caused housing to rise into the unaffordable realm for most.

For this reason, many residents see renting as the better option in this climate.

Get Started in Columbia Real Estate

Your real estate investments in Columbia have the potential to produce many fruitful returns in this housing climate. All signs point to increasing growth over the years to come.

Ready to get started in property management in South Carolina? Reach out to us, and we can help you get started on your journey. 


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